A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Mage of Magenta is a Platformer project I am working on in GameMaker Studio, I have implemented a couple of game mechanics for the moment but I still have a lot of Ideas to add.

The goal of each room is to steal as much Magenta (magic stuff kept in cells around the levels) you can to activate portals that get you to next areas, they are guarded by different hostile characters with different abilities.
There are Drones, Mech Guards, Robots, turrets and more, and multiple friendly characters.
The inventory system is used to keep items important for the story line and equipping your weapon of choice (each will have a different effect and use)
There will be shops around the game world, to buy weapons and spells as well as items and bonuses

This is a project I hope to work on for quite a while in hope that I can publish it one day, It is my first serious project and I learn new things every time I work on it

I am aiming to make the final product for the Mobile systems

Install instructions

Windows executable is packed in  a .zip file, extract in in the same folder and run it.

(Windows version is not up to date)


Android install is .apk, you will need to enable unknown sources in the settings to install the .apk. Once you do just open it from a file manager


Play Store: The Mage of Magenta
The mage of magenta Windows 15 MB

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